Regulatory change management, simplified

Combines MIntegrity’s regulatory domain expertise with access to our digital regulatory library. All in the cloud with 24/7/365 access.

That’s RegsWeb — our Digital Regulatory Web Service.



RegsWeb is an intuitive, cloud-based platform that converts your policies and other key documents into dynamic, searchable web pages. For start-ups, we also offer access to 100+ vetted templates so you can hit the ground running. Once we’ve created your customised digital environment, we then link these pages together to build a regulatory intranet. 

But RegsWeb isn’t just about digitising data. It’s also your key to accessing and utilising real-time regulatory change information.

Your new intranet will be integrated with our regulatory library. We automatically update our information to reflect the most current regulations as published by regulators. RegsWeb enables quick and easy analysis of how a change impacts your policies and what your next steps should be. 

RegsWeb is the logical and technological bridge between your data and our knowhow. It’s your real-time, cloud-based solution to regulatory change management — and it’s right at your fingertips.


Regulatory calendar

Need to see when an update is scheduled or went into effect? Our built-in regulatory calendar keeps track of real-time updates so you know what’s happening and what it means for your organisation.

Policy management and insights

Publish your policies and key documents for access by all staff and get detailed analytics on how they are being used

Impacted policy spotlight

RegsWeb identifies policies that have been impacted by recent changes.

Search features

Browse your documents and our library with advanced search features that highlight search terms, keywords and other relevant information.

Related content sections

Save time searching for necessary data. Our system enables you to link to related or relevant files within RegsWeb or externally.

Impact analysis

Experience integrated impact analysis through linkages between regulatory content and the associated policies and procedures.

Publishing workflow

RegsWeb is fully integrated with Microsoft SharePoint, enabling you to integrate with and upload documents straight from your SharePoint.

Customised environment

From personalised setups to language translators, RegsWeb allows you to customise your regulatory intranet experience in minutes.


Leverage a familiar environment

With SharePoint integration, your administrators can upload documents directly from your network folders.

Stop wasting valuable time

A regulatory management intranet keeps everything in one place — from internal policies to external rules and regulations. This limits the need to jump from one system to another, allowing your teams to work more efficiently and effectively. It’s also possible to run ongoing policy reviews throughout the year to limit time spent on annual audits.

Say goodbye to downloads

Your policies and procedures never have to be trapped on PDF downloads, share folders or hidden away in other compliance tools. Instead, employees interact directly with the relevant policy (and can also access related information) without searching or downloading. RegsWeb enables real-time access right from the cloud.

Access up-to-date information 24/7

Real-time updates mean that our library provides consistently accurate information. This, in turn, allows you to change your policies as necessary — which means you won’t be making decisions based on old regulations or outdated approaches. You’ll have access to data anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Keep everyone on the same page

RegsWeb is an organisation tool for all your staff. You can manage your users’ access and permissions, which means everyone has the access they need in a shared digital platform. Version control won’t be an issue; you’ll always have the most up-to-date version of policies and procedures.

View detailed analytics

Need to know exactly how policy documents are being used? RegsWeb tracks access patterns across your intranet, providing detailed analytics and insights by document page and section. You can even see which users have viewed a document and how long they spent reading the file. This doesn’t just help you understand how your data is used — it also assists you to catch red flags as soon as they arise.

Make logical connections

Current regulatory management methods rely on a lot of manual labour — but with RegsWeb, you can quickly and easily make logical connections between policies, changes and more. That’s because every document can be linked to digital versions of related data, including guides, rulebooks and regulations.

Get support when you need it

Policy changes aren’t always clear-cut. If you have questions about what a regulatory change means, how it impacts your business or policies, what your next steps should be or how to use RegsWeb to make these decisions, MIntegrity’s regulatory specialists are available to support you. We can even help you uplift your policies as part of your annual review processes.

Never miss a change

With regulations changing multiple times every week, it’s tricky to keep up — but a missed update means non-compliance. To ensure you’re working with the latest information, our Regulations Library is constantly refreshed. We update the Library as regulatory changes come into effect, saving time for your Compliance team and reducing the risks of non-compliance.

Start right away

The cloud makes things simple. You can implement RegsWeb without significant learning curves or resource allocation — and, better yet, you can be up and running in a matter of weeks.


No more downloads. No more missed changes. No more wasted time.

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With RegsWeb, you’ll receive regulatory updates and see them seamlessly integrated with your compliance policies and documents. You’ll also have access to industry-leading expertise from our experienced regulatory specialists. Better yet, it all occurs through a secure, easy-to-use web-based interface.


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