To ensure good compliance, your policies need to be three things: up-to-date, ready-to-use and easily accessible. RegsWeb is a MIntegrity tech solution that helps you stay on top of all this and more, assisting firms in all the elements of policy management.

This solution is twofold. RegsWeb itself is software, and it’s empowered by MIntegrity’s compliance expertise — a combination that results in smoother, more efficient policy management processes.

Here’s an inside look at RegsWeb.


What does RegsWeb do?

RegsWeb is powered by our tech partner The system allows you to: 

  • Store your own policies or use our templates
  • Upload updated versions of policies.
  • Provide a backend interface for admin users to manage policies and records.
  • Provide an intuitive, front-end user interface for all employees to access online policies.
  • Keep records of employee usage of policies.
  • Store regulatory obligations in an easy-to-access online library.
  • Connect policies to other relevant information.
  • Link directly into the regulation that is driving the policy.
  • Better manage version control and updates. 

Here’s a closer look at what that means for your firm:

An all-inclusive platform

RegsWeb is a one-stop shop for company policies and relevant regulations, eliminating the need to search through regulator websites to find one piece of corresponding information. Having a direct link to the correct regulation allows employees and firms to get a front-to-back understanding of the applicable responsibilities and how they can implement these through policies, procedures and controls. 

Search functionality

Regularly used words are automatically tagged in all your content, while inbuilt glossaries allow for definition pop-ups to support reader understanding. Advanced search and filter capability allows users to search for a word such as ‘breach’ or ‘incident,’ and RegsWeb will display, down to the paragraph level, all the places in your content where those words appear and also all the corresponding regulations.


All too often, employees can get caught up in what the policy is without knowing why the policy is in place. Fortunately, ResgWeb provides real-time contextualisation, enabling users to view a particular policy and the related regulations side-by-side. The linkage tool makes these connections, helping financial firms demonstrate how they link their regulation and controls to their policy. 

Compliance and management

Every firm wants its employees to read policies, absorb information and know how to implement it within their work. But how often do we admit that even the most efficient workers may skim a policy to save time?

RegsWeb helps track how often an employee opens a policy and how long they spend in the document. Management can track that time and, better yet, highlight where there could be gaps in compliance, training or understanding.


What does MIntegrity’s compliance expertise look like?

MIntegrity is a specialist regulatory risk consulting firm working with financial services participants to help meet regulatory obligations and reduce risk. We have expertise with:

  • Start-ups, separations and transformation projects.
  • Policy management.
  • Australian Financial License applications.
  • ASX and Cboe application support.
  • Compliance reviews.
  • Regulatory reviews and gap analysis.
  • Independent expert services.
  • Regulatory education and training.
  • Anti-money laundering reviews.

Our team has knowledge across securities, funds, commodities, options and operations — just to name a few. Plus, with employees experienced in governance and surveillance, it’s easy for Mintegrity to review and support compliance requirements for any financial services business model. 


Putting it all together

Linking MIntegrity’s expertise with RegsWeb makes for a powerful tool. We don’t just implement the RegsWeb site ready for use; we also provide training for your teams. On top of that, we offer support packages with as much or as little help as you require.

Some firms start from the ground up and get our expert assistance in creating, updating or rewriting their policies. Others manage their own policies but have MIntegrity on call should there be a question about an upcoming regulatory change, implementing a new policy or managing a particular regulation. No matter what your needs are, we’re here to help — from leveraging RegsWeb to keeping you abreast of your compliance obligations. 

Another advantage of RegsWeb is that all platform users can receive a weekly newsletter. This content keeps you engaged with upcoming regulatory changes, which ones will impact you and what that means for your firm’s corresponding policies. The newsletter provides a quick summary of the update and useful links to the information from the regulator — then it points you toward impacted policies and provides direction on what next steps to consider.


Get the support you need

Whether you want all the bells and whistles or just a little input here and there, the whole MIntegrity team can support your firm. 

We’re the experts, and RegsWeb is the tool we designed to practically help firms just like yours. It’s not just a depository for your policies but a comprehensive solution to assist in policy management, governance, employee awareness and regulatory change..  

Get the best of both worlds. Contact us today to see which regulatory, compliance and policy management solutions are right for your firm.


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